woensdag 10 april 2013

Update will be tomorrow

Today's update will be postponed until tomorrow because - I got a great job today and am going to celebrate! Much as I love this blog, I love telling everyone I know that I'm starting on my dream career just a little bit more!

Also, to all the people who responded to the '5 facts about me and GW2' post: thanks for your great reactions (especially those recommending guilds/groups), I've read them all, I'll be responding to them individually tomorrow as well.

So check back tomorrow for the recipe for a very tasty yam soup!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. GG Mina :)

    Congratulations ! :)

    Bravo !:)

  2. Oh, by the way, I finally had a character join the Order of Whispers, and now I know who Tybalt is! :D I only had my two mains in the Vigil and the Priory until now, and their "mentors", Forgal and Sieran, are pretty cool as well. But I agree that Tybalt is certainly the best of them. :D
    (Too bad I already know what happens @ Claw Island! :( )

    1. Yes, Claw Island, so sad :( I haven't joined the Vigil and Priory yet (nearly there, though), so I don't have experience with the other two, but I'm sure I'll love them too!