zaterdag 6 april 2013

5 Facts about me...

... and Guild Wars 2

1) I am not a lvl 400 chef
I haven't found every recipe, and am currently floating somewhere between lvl 325 and 350. So don't expect to see any recipes involving ghost peppers or lemon grass for a while yet! It doesn't speed things up that I don't look recipes up on the internet, I just sit here and mess about with combinations of ingredients and keep lists. Yes, lists, on paper, with tables and little lines going from one ingredient to another and crossing out ingredients for which there are no new recipes etc.

2) My favourite area is Caledon forest
It's a newbie area and there is no challenge whatsoever for me there, but it was the first region of GW2 I saw and I absolutely love it. I've been known to just go there, sit my character down under a tree and just look at the view while knitting.

3) I haven't completed a single dungeon
I used to play the original Guild Wars, and I had a lot of fun with it for years. Unfortunately, several times when I teamed up with others to go do X (I wasn't in a guild), I was berated for either not having good enough gear, or for not being good enough at the game. I know that's not the typical experience (at least, I sure hope not!), but it's made me nervous of joining groups for dungeons. I'll jump in straight away when people are trying to kill dragons or take the temple of Balthazar or whatever (does anyone ever succeed in taking Balthazar's temple? See point 5), but when I see a 'lfg' or party join request, I chicken out. Doing MMORPG's wrong and missing out on loads of content, I know.

4) My favourite NPC is Tybalt Leftpaw
Poor, poor Tybalt Leftpaw.

5) I absolutely hate Balthazar's Temple
All I need to get 100% on the Strait of Devastation is the skill point at Balthazar's Temple. I've tried to sneak in and get the skill point under the enemy's nose, but those fire balls keep interrupting me. I have participated in over a dozen runs on the temple and I am now utterly convinced it is impossible to conquer it. I still check every time I log on, though. 

Feel free to share! What's you're favourite area? What's your favourite actually-not-the-point-of-the-game-at-all thing to do?

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  1. Hey Mina :)

    Thank you for sharing :)

    I'm level 400, but I must say that I do not like many aspects of GW2 and I almost exclusively focused on the craft. For ingredients that may miss I see with friends.

    I'm level 80 with my main avatar and I ended the personal history.

    I am and remain in the soul an Ascalonnian ♥ I still play the first GW (I have over 7000 hours of play, including 3800 with my main avatar.) It was a shock to discover the Charr area and the ghosts of Ascalon. GW1, when I'm in the Grothmar Wardowns (between music and landscape) it is like coming home. This is very strange sensation :)

    For the moment, I have not found an area that I really like, except perhaps the Cold Peaks. I love those snowfields and mountains, I love the Norn race as much as the human race ♥

    I did some dungeons with my former Alliance members, but I'm not a fan. I play hyper focused and serious, and some delusions (such as not to repair his armor) it really annoys me! I like being able to handle it by myself. I do not like to depend on a team, but there, lol, in a mmorpg, it's hard! In the first, I always did the dungeons in solo with mercenaries (including hm) and I did group with the Alliance to help.

    I often play with my hubby and both, we regret the loss of the Trinity. I play Mesmer and he plays Ranger.I wanted to change after playing Elementalist for almost 8 years .

    The character I love the most ... uh, yea I would say above all I hate and I will give him many slaps in length missions: Trahearne! I find him unbearable ^ ^ '

    I do not like the WvW or PvP and there is a lot of frustration because I could not finish my title cartography -_-

    If one day you want to finish your dungeons inGW1, I am at your disposal :) I'll give you my username ig by mail :)

    Have a nice day !

    Lots of kisses ♥

  2. Hey again! First of all, you're not "playing it wrong"!! I think one of the coolest things about GW2 is that you can enjoy it in whatever way you want :)

    I am not Lvl 80, through the story or Lvl 400 chef yet! I play regularly, but I don't have time to "grind" or massively level my avatars... but my main character (a Norn warrior babe!) is I think cooking more often than she is fighting *g*

    @Isabelle: I sooo agree with you on the whole Ascalon thing! I played Guild Wars 1 for years since it came out, and I love the world to bits. <3 Have you read the novels?

    I am in a guild, but it's pretty much a "family" one. My brother is a huge gamer, and he had an online clan before Guild Wars. He founded the guild, and now his wife, her cousin, his friend from school, one of my online friends for years, etc etc. all ended up in it! It's really nice. We usually just hangout in teamspeak and chat, playing the story together and sometimes do Dungeons.

    We sometimes add random players to our party when we need a 5th, but it's usually a bad experience. Some run ahead, get killed, complain that we're too slow and then leave! Hmpf. I wanna experience the game, not grind levels! Once we met a really nice player, who was patient as well. When she I think) and I were dead and waiting for a rez, we chatted about dinner etc ^^ So sometimes there are nice people around. I think in general, GW2 is one of the nicest MMORPGs, people are very helpful!! :)

  3. I'm a level 80 ranger. But I haven't even started on the Strait of Devastation.

    I'm okay with dungeons. I've sort of given up on doing all of them so I researched which set of armors I want and do those exclusively unless a group of friends need help with a dungeon. I totally understand the frustration when you're in a group that are elitist and just insult and berate your skills. But I've also been part of groups that have great teamwork. I was once on a team where one guy was bringing us all down because he was elitist and believed there was only a static way to do the dungeon. Since I've done that particular dungeon more than once, I knew that wasn't true. I called him out several times when he was insulting and pointed out his negative vibes were not helping us.

    GW2LFG is a great website to look for groups to join. I usually stay clear of people looking for "experienced" members only because they're usually those pompous ones that are not good team players.

    My favorite maps are probably Queensdale and Gendarran Fields. There's just something that draws me. I love it when my dailies say I have to do events in Kryta because these are the maps I will spend my time in.

    I love Tybalt too! Alas, Tybalt Leftpaw, you will be missed.

  4. Tybalt is my favorite too ;-)

    You should join The Veritas Invictus Guild on Stormbluff Isle. We're pretty laid back, do some guild events and guild groups, and treat everyone fairly no matter their play style. MY wife and I both have been in this guild for a few years.

    Here's the place to submit an "application" to join.

  5. We sometimes add random players to our party when we need a 5th, but it's usually a bad experience. Some run ahead, get killed, complain that we're too slow and then leave! Hmpf. I wanna experience the game, not grind levels! Once we met a really nice player, who was patient as well. When she I think) and I were dead and waiting for a rez, we chatted about dinner rs account

  6. Umm, you should probably delete the last comment (by "comy chen"), it just Copy & Pasted my comment and added a spam link :(